6 Ways to Lace the Mona Matthews Sneakers


Like an angled version of Ladder Lacing, this decorative method is also worn on military boots. The laces weave vertically and diagonally, forming an intricate “web”.

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This method “locks” the laces at each eyelet pair. Great for lacing skates tightly because the lower sections hold while tightening. It also looks interesting – a bit like a giant zipper

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This purely decorative lacing forms a hexagram, or six-pointed star. This geometric symbol has been used for centuries in various cultures and religions, most notably as the Jewish “Star of David”.

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7 Ways to Lace the Mona Matthews Sneakers


This distinctive lacing is worn on military boots by paratroopers and ceremonial guard units. The laces weave horizontally and vertically, forming a secure “ladder”.

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With all vertical segments hidden on the inside and all diagonal segments on the outside crossing at the middle of the shoe, the result looks like a “starburst”.

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A funky lacing method, Diamond lacing works best with sneakers and boots, which have many eyelets. They look better with flat laces rather than round ones and require that the eyelets be large enough to allow at least 2 shoelace passes through them.

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My name is Monalisa Abimbola Azeh and I am CEO of Mona Matthews. I actually studied law and practiced for over 15 years before I launched out into a totally different world.
I started designing shoes in 1999 for myself because I couldn’t find the kind of shoes I liked in my size.
Because I have #extrawidefeet.
At a point I used to take paracetamol before going to a party. I am serious.

Infact I was like Cinderella. I timed how long I could stay out and once time was up, I was out of the event no matter how much fun I was having.
As I was still practicing law, I needed to wear black court shoes. It was hell.
Haa I forgot to mention one foot, my right foot is wider than my left. Yes I know everybody has one foot slightly wider than the other but mine is extreme.
This is because I have a bunion on it. (That is the bone at the base of my big toe juts out. ) So my right foot is one size wider than my left. So very often I would have my right shoe actually splitting in the middle arrghgh!
So I started designing shoes for myself that were creative interesting and comfortable.

I found a really great leather market where I could buy all that I needed to make shoes and bags.

So fast forward to 2002 and Mona Matthews was born.

I started from home and started by taking orders from my customers and outsourcing production to my team of shoemakers.
This has actually helped us in this season because we haven’t had to stop production completely.
Thank you @bell_africana for getting me to start telling my story here.